Himalayan Infrastructure Development Company is a private company working in the field of civil engineering and infrastructure development in Nepal for the past 7 years. The company has grown rapidly since its establishment in October 2014. The company has an average annual turnover of NRs. 250,000,000 (Nepalese Rupees Two hundred and Fifty Million) and employs over 50 employees in the field of engineering as of today. The company has been experiencing steady growth since establishment and plans to further its growth by focusing on the mission of the company - nation building with infrastructure.

We are also dedicated towards a planned urban development. Himalayan Infrastructure Development Company carries out installation of Traffic Light Systems. Customizable systems allow for maximum flexibility on any type of road systems and junctions that need a control system.

We provide excellent preconstruction planning services to help clients conceptualize and visualize the technical details, scope, cost, and schedule when developing a project. This overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion and is aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functional and financially sound project.

We provide a comprehensive package for Construction Project Management (CPM) that includes the overall planning, coordination and control of a project. We coordinate with and supervise a wide variety of service providers to build projects that include residential, commercial, and industrial structures, roads, bridges, power plants, schools, and hospitals.

Company History

Established with the motive to solve the 21st century problem we face today in the field of civil engineering; Himalayan Infrastructure Development Company has been dedicated toward infrastructure building for a collective betterment of the nation.

Our past successes have given us the confidence to not deter from our path and has given us the hope that no goal can be too audacious. Our experience in the construction of high rise building, public infrastructure projects, private and public housing projects has given us a deep understanding of the challenges a company like ours may face when undertaking large scale projects. We aim to keep this knowledge seeking nature alive in each and every stake holder of the company. In the past, this attitude has help the company greatly in showing resilience towards the financial downturns we have faced as a nation. The company has stayed strong and stuck together like a family during difficult times and this is what gives us our biggest strength in every move we make as an organization.

Management Structure

Motivated by action and results, we aim at keeping our management structure smart and efficient rather than one that fosters control. Giving each one of us a sense of purpose, the company has helped us grow together as a family, giving each and every one of our employees a sense of reward at the end of the day for the contribution they have made not only to the organization, but also to the society at large.

Managment Structure

Sister Concerns

National Solar Power Company is a private energy company based in Nepal. Falling under one of the key fields of focus of the parent company, National Solar Power Company holds the vision of transforming the energy sector of Nepal with introduction of Solar Energy in the country. The company holds the vision of pushing the nation to a global competitive platform in terms of energy generation and contribute to the advent of Solar Power as a global energy leader.

Our Partners